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Heartbreak Messenger, by Alexander Vance

Heartbreak MessengerSummary:  Twelve-year-old Quentin never asked to be the Heartbreak Messenger. It just kind of happened, and he can’t let a golden opportunity pass him by. The valuable communication service he offers is simple: He delivers breakup messages.  But as he interacts with clients, message recipients, and his best friend, Abigail, it doesn’t take long for him to discover that the game of love and the emotions that go with it are as complicated as they come—even for an almost-innocent bystander.

Feiwel and Friends


2 thoughts on “Heartbreak Messenger, by Alexander Vance

  1. I didn’t enjoy this book. It dealt with a lot of stuff nonchalantly that should be taken seriously. The characters were pretty weak, but the strongest part was the plot. I personally don’t think this is a Newbery winner.

  2. This book overall was just a book that you would read to pass time. Nothing really stood out of the texture, and because of that, I don’t think that it is Newbery.

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