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What We Found in the Sofa and How it Saved the World, by Henry Clark

What We Found in the SofaSummary: Finding a rare zucchini-colored crayon leads twelve-year-old River Monroe and his friends on an adventure with their eccentric neighbor to save Earth from invading interstellar storm troopers.

Little, Brown


16 thoughts on “What We Found in the Sofa and How it Saved the World, by Henry Clark

  1. This book was clever and the plot was pretty complicated. I thought it was funny in some parts and other times it was suspenseful. The characters were well explained and you could tell what they were really like. The setting was in the town of Cheshire, mostly at the home of Alf Disin and Hellsboro, the wasteland made by coal fires. I really enjoyed this book, and I think it could win the Newbery.

    1. I’m very glad you enjoyed What We Found in the Sofa, Olivia. I enjoyed writing it. Your description of the plot is better than that of some of the professional reviewers. And you are the first to link the book romantically with the Newbery. I hope you’re right!

  2. The plot was very complicated and kept you interested. The characters were understandable and realistic, and the setting was well thought out too. I think that this book is definitely distinguished and could win the Newbery. Mr. Clark, thank you for writing this amazing book!!

    1. And thank you, Zoe, for writing this amazing review. I am very happy that you took the time to read WWFITS, which is what I call my book when I’m too lazy to type out What We Found in the Sofa. Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful analysis.

  3. Mr. Clark, when Olivia and Toby, her brother, described the plot to the group, everyone wanted your book. I can’t wait to read it myself, but I am going to let the teen readers have it first 🙂

    1. Elizabeth – I would be delighted if all future copies of my book had your review on the cover:

      “crazy but amazing” – Elizabeth

      I would buy any book with a review like that! Thank you very much!

      1. Dear Mr. Clark,
        I totally agree with you I appreciate you commenting on the blog. I means so much when an author comments. I would totally buy a book that has this kind of review on the cover and I will loom for it at the library after reading these raving reviews

      2. Hi Claire!
        I enjoy these exchanges every bit as much as the club members do. Maybe even more! It’s nice for an author to know his book has an audience, and someone has enjoyed reading it – as I hope you do!
        All the best –

  4. This book is my favorite book I have read at mock newbery!! It was crazy and hilarious, and it was a very fun read. hope ther are more in the series!

    1. Hi Toby! Thanks for making my book your favorite! I’ve seen the list of the other books you guys have been reading, so this is very high praise! My next book will be called The Book that Proves Time Travel Happens. It is not part of the series – I am still working on the sequel to SOFA – but I do hope it’s just as crazy and hilarious. Watch for it!

  5. Dear Mr. Clark, I just wanted to thank you for commenting on this blog. I’m a former member of this club. Each and every one of your comments means so much to these kids.As readers, authors are our real life super heroes. Can’t wait to read your book and best of luck!

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