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Wings of Fire the Hidden Kingdom, by Tui Sutherland

Wings of FireSummary: Something deadly is stalking the peaceful kingdom, and the dragonets soon discover that RainWings have been mysteriously disappearing from the forest. When the RainWing queen won’t do anything to find her missing tribe members, Glory and her friends set off on their own rescue mission – which leads them right back into enemy territory.



One thought on “Wings of Fire the Hidden Kingdom, by Tui Sutherland

  1. This is one of my favorite books so far in this club! Tui Sutherland also wrote The Menagerie with her sister, and that is also one of my favorites this year. I liked the characters, although they weren’t very well explained. However, they were still interesting and you could get a feel of what they were like. The setting changed a lot, it went from the rain forest to the desert to the a tundra and finally the secret NightWing kingdom. Even though the setting changed so much, I wasn’t confused and each place was really well described. I liked the plot the best. Glory finds her kingdom after being kidnapped as an egg, and she finds out that RainWings like herself are kind of lazy. She tries to turn the RainWings’ laziness around, all while trying to decide who will become the next queen of the SandWings and trying to save missing dragons. This is the third book in a series, but everything still made sense. The end of the book was a cliffhanger, so I don’t know if it could win the Newbery, but I really liked this book!

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