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Outlaws of Sherwood Street : Giving to the Poor, by Peter Abrahams

Outlaws of Sherwood St Giving to the PoorSummary:  Robbie and friends, using a magical charm, protect a Canarsee Indian burial ground from urban developers.


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2 thoughts on “Outlaws of Sherwood Street : Giving to the Poor, by Peter Abrahams

  1. Hmm…a good idea, although it didn’t make a lot of sense at first because it’s the second book in a series. The setting was in Brooklyn, but it wasn’t described very much. The writing style didn’t really appeal to me and sometimes it frustrated me. All in all, not the Newbery.

  2. The main problem I found with this book was that it was too complicated. The first book in this series was a little complicated also, but the author was able to develop that one slowly enough, make an exiting climax, and then end the book smoothly so it worked out. In this book though, I felt that the author spent a lot of time creating problems and not enough time solving them. Just when I would start to get interested in one of the problems the author would create a whole other one. Also, like a lot of second-book-in- a-series, there were a lot of characters that the reader might not know very well and not be interested in enough. The setting was okay I think, the main character Robbie went a lot of places and the author described each place she was visiting well enough and by the middle of the book you could kind of picture her city like a map. One thing that would have helped this book would have been to maybe have a longer ending or something because fourteen pages from the end of the book we are just beginning the climax because the building up of the climax seemed to take up the whole book. The charm bracelet just complicated things a lot more, I felt it was just used for something the author could go to if he could not find a solution for their current dilemma and so did Robbie’s mom’s losing her job because it was another one of those problems created for seemingly no reason and it also did not get solved.
    This is not the Newbery but if you enjoy exciting books I would recommend this to you.

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