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Counting by 7s, by Holly Sloan

Counting by 7sSummary: Twelve-year-old genius and outsider Willow Chance must figure out how to connect with other people and find a surrogate family for herself after her parents are killed in a car accident.



9 thoughts on “Counting by 7s, by Holly Sloan

  1. This is definitely my favorite book so far!!!!!!!!!! The main character was written so well and was funny too. I really connected to her.
    The author also did a wonderful job of showing the main character Willow’s differentness, and giving us a great picture of who she was.
    The writing style stayed mostly in Willow’s perspective, but occasionally switched to other people in the story, I think that was perfect for this book giving a good view of how Willow changed and impacted people’s lives without hardly trying.
    Even though the plot did involve both of her parents dying, it was not at all depressing, and even though Willow was extremely heart broken, and at first just wanted to be invisible, she could not hold back for long. Willow developed somewhat in this story, but who really developed was all the characters around her.
    This book was funny, wonderfully written, with awesome characters, a theme that carried through and a great plot -overall this book was amazing.
    Definitely my winner!!!!!!!!

  2. From all of the books I have read so far this year, Counting by 7’s is by far my favorite book. Some people might say that this book was typical and predictable, but I like the small twists the author added. I loved the characters in this book, because they each a story behind them. The characters all had an amazing description to them, and you could put yourself in their place. I also feel like each character had something I could relate to. In my opinion, I think the writing style, characters, plot, and theme were the stronger parts of this book. This book wasn’t all about mourning and grief even though both of her parents I died, and I liked that. Also, I liked how the story switched between different characters, because it gave you perspectives. The transition between switching the characters were smooth, which made the story not complicated. Overall, this book was Newbery worthy, and it is my winner, so far.

  3. I laughed out loud multiple times when I was reading this book. The book is about how Willow, the main character, gets over losing her parents, but it isn’t depressing and it’s also not all about her sadness. I liked how the three chapters after Willow finds out that her parents died were about Willow’s life when she was younger. I think that was a good idea on the author’s part because I connected more to Willow than if the book had just delved right into her grief. Some of the chapters were about other characters that Willow had relations to and how she affected them, and I thought that also added a lot to the book. This is definitely a Newbery winner.

  4. This is one of the few books that I actually like this year. In fact I believe it is currently my winner.
    Willow’s character develops and the author makes it so that you feel how she feels. It is easy to connect which makes the story more enjoyable. I loved the way that you mainly had Willow’s point of view but some chapters were in the other characters’ point of view.
    The plot was interesting and was not super predictable. It kept you reading and interested.
    The setting was well done in some parts such as when they were describing the different homes such as the apartment and the shack. But I do not really remember where exactly in the world this happened and when. This might have been stated and I just do not remember.
    Despite that this book is still my winner.

  5. I really liked this book. I really liked how just when i thought that the main character was having too much depression the author started to make her get better. I think that this book could be a winner of the Newbery award.

  6. This book is amazing! my first impressions were horribly wrong, and although this book might seem a bit choppy at first, I realized that the choppiness was necessary for the writing style! the characters were amazing, and the plot was outstanding. The only thing i think could have been a bit more described is the apartment complex
    Willow lived in.

  7. I recently re-read this book and I have a few more comments to add:
    I noticed that the number 7 was everywhere in this book. If something happened, it was on 7th Street, or 175th Street, or any street with a 7 in the name. I thought that was really cool and tied the title of the book into the actual writing of the book.
    Also, I was reminded of how brilliant the writing is. At the end of the book, Patty Nguyen buys an entire apartment complex when she had previously lived in a shack (which is pretty strange). When reading this the first time I didn’t notice any strangeness relating to that. It was only because the fact was pointed out in a debate we had that I noticed it the second time around. I think that’s a testament to the writing: we didn’t notice the strange parts of the plot because everything flowed together so well.
    And this is absolutely still my favorite book of the year!

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