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Every Day After, by Laura Golden

EverySummary:  A young girl fights to keep her mama out of the mental ward, her home away from the bank, and herself out of the orphanage after her father abandons her and her mother in depression era Alabama.



2 thoughts on “Every Day After, by Laura Golden

  1. This plot is done and re-done so many times. Usually authors try to put their own twist on the book but I feel like I have read other books almost identical to this one: its the depression, she lives with her mother, her father left, they are poor, her mother is depressed, they are trying to keep the house, she struggles to keep her friend who is moving away, a class bully-nothing new. Sometimes the main character seemed too perfect, sometimes too snotty, sometimes too humble, though I could connect with her at moments when she was caring for her mother. I did like at the end though, how everything turns out in a funny perfect kind of way. I would reccomend this to fifth through seventh graders who like books in this time period, but it is not the newbery.

  2. This book to me, was just another book you could read when you were bored. The plot for this book has been done many times, but aside from that, the characters were a bit contradictory at times. For example, the main character’s personality contradicted her other modest side. Sometimes, she seems modest, and the other times she seemed a bit snobby. Also, I felt like the conflicts between the people were sometimes a bit exaggerated. One of the things I liked about this book is the emotional touch. I felt that the author captured the emotions pretty well, even though the reactions to the emotions were not what I expected. I liked it, but i don’t think it is Newbery.

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