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Odette’s Secrets, by Maryann MacDonald

Odettes SecretsSummary: When Odette’s father becomes a Nazi prisoner-of-war and the Paris police begin arresting Jews, her mother sends Odette to hide in the Catholic French countryside where she must keep many secrets to survive.


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3 thoughts on “Odette’s Secrets, by Maryann MacDonald

  1. This book is interesting. It’s historical fiction, it takes place in France, and it’s told in poetry form. I thought it was told very well. I’m not sure whether it’s absolutely Newbery, although I did enjoy it.

  2. The book was intereseting. It was explained very clearly. I think it explains alot of feeling in it. It really wanted to keep me reading.

  3. Of all the books in verse I’ve read so far this year, I think that this is the best one. I agree that the feeling was displayed well and unlike some books in verse I did not find that the writing style made the characters seem like they were complaining or being over dramatic. I connected to the main character and I thought that she was very realistic, I liked the way she looked at things, and her innocence.
    The setting was well described and the plot was interesting. I’m not sure if this is the Newbery, but if you enjoy books in verse, you should definitely read this one.

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