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In Search of Goliathus Hercules, by Jennifer Angus

In Search of Goliathus HerculesSummary: Ten-year-old Henri Bell discovers he can speak to insects and, as he travels the world in search of a giant legendary insect, begins to metamorphose into an insect himself.

Albert Whitman

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2 thoughts on “In Search of Goliathus Hercules, by Jennifer Angus

  1. I always enjoy these books, when some child can talk to animals. However, that is not saying that it is distinguished… The plot is a bit unusual, trying to find an unknown species in southern Asia. Characters: I can’t say that they developed, but one of the characters; was intriguing; a batty woman set on world dominance. Setting wasn’t described most of the time, only in the end. So I vote no.

  2. This is definitely the strangest book I’ve read so far in this club. The characters…I felt like I didn’t know anything about them. The author didn’t describe why Agatha Black was so horrible. I thought that when Henri started to turn into an insect, that should have been more dramatic. The plot was strange, yet interesting. The setting: time passed very quickly and it got confusing. I say no for Newbery.

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