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Rogue, by Lyn Miller-Lachmann

RogueSummary: An eighth-grade girl with Asperger’s syndrome tries to befriend her new neighbor, facing many challenges along the way.

Nancy Paulsen Books


2 thoughts on “Rogue, by Lyn Miller-Lachmann

  1. Plot: VERY interesting. this book has an extremely well thought out plot. Setting: Very detailed, though it does not switch much. definitely one of my favorites

  2. Overall, I believe that this book stands a very good chance for Newbery, because the writing style gave you a lot of opinions and outlooks. The way the book incorporated emotions into the book was strong and creative, and you can tell this because, you could see yourself in place with the character. The setting of the book was very descriptive. What I liked the best about this book was the plot. I thought that the plot was very unique, Iv’e never seen another one like it before. A cool thing that author did was, the way they intertwined the plot, and the character. This is why I think that the stronger parts of this book include, the plot, characters, setting, and writing style. This book was very distinguished, and is so far one of my winners.

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