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Catch Rider, by Jennifer H. Lyne

Catch RiderSummary:  Despite her poor background and ferocious competition from more privileged girls, fourteen-year-old Sid pursues her dream of becoming a catch rider–a show rider who can ride anything–with help from her Uncle Wayne.



One thought on “Catch Rider, by Jennifer H. Lyne

  1. This was not one of those boring horse stories where its all about horse terms and stuff I don’t know. I actually liked the plot of this book. I also liked the main character. She is so determine. Her dream is to become a catch rider and I like the way at the end how she gets her chance to become one and still wins. The ending I think was the best part. It was twisted so that even though all books like this have predictable endings it still was not boring.
    Everybody in this story seemed to have a personallity, even the characters we did not know that well. Even the horses. It was hard for me to notice if there was any character developement. Sure, a lot of stuff happens to her, but does she really change? Maybe a little…
    The cuss words started getting annoying, being that their was one in everyother sentence, like they were playing cowboy or something. The setting was pretty good and everything else was average. Not my winner, but a really good horse book.

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