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Call Me Oklahoma! By Miriam Glassman

Call Me OklahomaSummary: Paige Turner starts fourth grade with a new name in hopes of being more bold and brave, especially when dealing with class bully Viveca and overcoming her stagefright.

Holiday House


2 thoughts on “Call Me Oklahoma! By Miriam Glassman

  1. I think this book is meant for ages like 5-7 instead of the 7-10 that the book says. The writing is actually pretty good, but I think it would fit better in a book for older kids. This little girl wants to be named “Oklahoma” because she wants to be a new person for 4th grade. The theme is pretty strong, but right now I’m having trouble putting it into writing… I say no for Newbery.

  2. I think this book is for begginners. I enjoyed the writing. But, I didn’t really like the part when they kept talking about how people wouldn’t call her Oklahoma. I don’t think this would be a newbery either.

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