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Fellowship for Alien Detection, by Kevin Emerson

Fellowship for Alien DetectionSummary: Haley and Dodger don’t have much in common. Haley lives in  Connecticut; Dodger lives in Washington. Haley has a family who loves and supports her; Dodger can’t seem to ever get his dad’s approval. But they both want something: a new map, a path away from home—or, perhaps, a path toward it. Of course, this was all before they heard about the missing people and the untraceable radio signals. Before they both became the first recipients of a summer research grant from a certain mysterious foundation. Now Haley and Dodger are the only ones who can figure out what is happening in towns across America.



2 thoughts on “Fellowship for Alien Detection, by Kevin Emerson

  1. I thought the book was clever, and the end did tie pretty much everything together. As far as characters go, Haley’s story interested me more than Dodger’s. She seemed more positive and had a deeper story than Dodger. I think the plot was the best part of this book: the aliens weren’t just “world domination” minded, as is so typical; they had worries. I don’t think it’s Newbery, although I did enjoy the book.

  2. I agree with Olivia. You didn’t feel like Dodger’s story should have been a major portion of the book. The story finally came together at the end. I think the book could have moved a little quicker, instead of the slow pace of action. I first thought, “Where are they going with this?” I don’t think it’s a Newbery either, /but the plot was very interesting.

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