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Escape from the Pipe Men, by Mary Thompson

Escape from the Pipe MenSummary: Ryan and Becky live as human exhibits in an intergalactic zoo until their father is poisoned and they must journey across the universe seeking the cure, aided by an odd assortment of other beings.

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5 thoughts on “Escape from the Pipe Men, by Mary Thompson

  1. Very exciting read, had a lot of action, and suspense, especially the parts with the alien front in them. The surprise ending makes it the reason it is on my top 10 list for this year.

    1. Thank YOU for writing! Authors are our heroes. We hope you continue to check in on this blog throughout our year.

  2. I thought the descriptions of the aliens in this book were very complicated and sometimes hard to understand. They are aliens, though, so it kind of worked that they were strange. The characters…I think they could have been a bit more developed. The character I felt closest to was Front. I enjoyed the book, but I don’t think it’s the winner.

  3. I just couldn’t get into this book. It was too hard to tell the “good guys” from the “bad guys.”

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