11 thoughts on “Dragon Run, by Patrick Matthews

  1. What I enjoyed most about this book is the theme. I liked how the author kept dragons fierce and typically dragon-like. I think the writing style was easy to follow and it kept me interested. However, I would have liked more background information on the characters and setting. Although I’m new to this club, I’d say this book is a contender. Overall, I really liked it!

    1. Welcome to our blog! We are just beginning our reading for the year, and are passing this book around to all of us. Authors are our heroes, so we hope you continue to follow us here.

  2. Right, some books warp dragons to be friendly, bonding, and even cuddly creatures. Dragons were “created” to be hard, relentless, terrifying beasts. The writing style kept me turning pages, while the story line kept me interested. So it’s one of my favorites so far this year, but I will have to read more books to decide if it is Newbery worthy.

  3. As Olivia said, a little more about the background would have been great, but the book was awesome even without it. The intriguing plot was my favorite aspect. I liked how Mr. Matthews used what their society thought was useless, to be one of the most powerful things. This book has a good possibility for a Newbery award.

  4. Everyone else on this blog was talking about the dragons and how the writing was done but I think that the main character protagonist/ hero. In almost any other book the hero would have had some sort of magical power or have amazing skills with his weapon and everyone would need him because of his powers, but in this book the character was a complete failure he was a 0, really bad with his sword, and while everyone else was able to hold or use magic he could not. Like I said before in another book they would have needed the person with the skills or powers to save the day but in this book they need the person who had absolutely nothing. I really liked it and think that it could win the Newbery award.

    1. That last post should start with “I just saw that Dragon Run…” (“that” instead of “the”). Crazy typing fingers. After all these years, you’d think they’d get the words right!

      1. Thanks for finding us! We really like Dragon Run. Unfortunately, it did not make it to our official Nominations list in November for our Mock Newbery Award. We do hope to read more like Dragon Run in the future – so we are looking forward to more of your crazy typing!

      2. Looks like it is in the final 10 for the Northport Library. Yay! You have been widely read, and have many fans.

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