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Hideout, by Gordon Korman

HideoutSummary:  The Man With The Plan and his friends return in this fifth romp in the Swindle series! “Hideout” is a place to escape detection, especially when being chased by someone determined to have revenge.


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2 thoughts on “Hideout, by Gordon Korman

  1. Another Korman book, mostly the same as the others. Adventurous, fast-paced, predictable. Although it kept me interested, it was just another book to read; the characters were the same throughout the entire book and series. Plot: not too unusual, though it wasn’t creative either. Setting: not very detailed and not described much. Summary: just another book, not my choice for Newbery.

  2. Plot: somewhat predictable, very cheesy if you have read the other books. Setting: very interesting, although it would be helpful if the author included a map. It was an ok book, but definitely could have used a bit more unexpected things
    Summary: ok for a fun read, but not great literature.
    NB: The first book in this series is, however, very good and i want to give the author a kudos for that one.

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