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Hide and Seek, by Kate Messner

Hide and SeekSummary: For five hundred years the Jaguar Cup, sacred to the Silver Jaguar Society, was hidden in a cave on the coast of Costa Rica–so when a fake copy shows up on display in America, it is up to José, Anna, and Henry, junior members of the society, to travel to Costa Rica and rescue the real cup from thieves.


Find it at WCPL


2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek, by Kate Messner

  1. Very good story involving much science and fictitious adventure. I am assuming this is a sequel so, if at all possible, read the prequel so it would make more sense.

    1. Well, one of the qualifications of the Newbery award is that the book has to stand on its own. Most sequels are like this, they can stand on their own, but usually the beginning is a little muddled.

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