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Hattie Ever After, by Kirby Larson

Hattie Ever AfterSummary: In 1919, seventeen-year-old Hattie leaves the Montana prairie–and her sweetheart Charlie–to become a female reporter in San Francisco.


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One thought on “Hattie Ever After, by Kirby Larson

  1. At the beginning this book was dry and confusing and stays that way for a pretty long time. When it does start to become sort of interesting it is near after the middle. The main character seems to have too much fake-humbleness or whatever and i did not like or connect to her at all. The setting was okay and the ending was not that predictable.
    Also i wish the author had made it seem like this reporter dream had been a lifelong thing. For some reason i got the picture that her ambitions were new, like she had just decided to be a writer and what do you know, it turns out she is an awesome writer… Yeah, plus there are books that come before this and I had a few questions. This is not the newbery.

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