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Flame in the Mist, by Kit Grindstaff

Flame in the MistSummary:  Thirteen-year-old Jemma finds herself in a race for her life when she discovers an ancient prophecy that reveals the truth about her past and an unimaginably great and dangerous destiny–to defeat the evil Agromonds and restore peace and sunlight to Anglavia.



2 thoughts on “Flame in the Mist, by Kit Grindstaff

  1. This is a good book, but sometimes confusing. I really like Digby, he’s sweet! It got a bit tedious near the end, although the ending itself is very good! I’m not quite sure if it’s Newbery material.

  2. Writing style was the best quality in this book. The author described everything from the mist to the setting. Sometimes though, the author placed a bit too much superfluous detail and it got a bit long, which is what happened in the book “Inheritance”; Christopher Paolini wrote 900 pages of painstakingly described setting. Anyway, the plot was typical, evil people steal baby, then as a child, goes back to her parents. So average book overall, which means no for Newbery.

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