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Lincoln’s Grave Robbers, by Steve Sheinkin

Lincolns Grave RobbersSummary: A dramatic account of the 1875 attempt to steal the 16th president’s body describes how a counterfeiting ring plotted to ransom Lincoln’s body to secure the release of their imprisoned ringleader and how a fledgling Secret Service and an undercover agent conducted a daring election-night sting operation.


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6 thoughts on “Lincoln’s Grave Robbers, by Steve Sheinkin

  1. Definitely eligible for the medal! Even though it was non-fiction, it painted a clear, accurate, informative, and tantalizing picture of the dramatic attempts to steal our president’s remains. It’s in my top three favorites. I like how Sheinkin wrote this book; it read exactly like a fiction book, but with getting knowledge across. I couldn’t put it down! Everyone should read it!

  2. I agree that this book is a candidate for the Newbery. It is the best written book I have read so far this year. It was a non-fiction but with an exciting writing style that kept you wanting to know more. The characters are clearly painted, the setting is also good. It gives you a lot of info about the time the story takes place in, especially events leading up to what happened. The presentation of information is great, too, with lots of relevant photos, charts, and maps. Glossary and great cover art and pre-book pages. All in all, this is an impressive effort.

    1. We are interested in looking into this. The dates we came up with were Jan. 1 or 2nd, 2013. Please let us know where we can find information that this was considered last year.

  3. I really liked this book. Last year we had a book by Steve Sheinkin and we see really liked his writing style too. He gives you a lot of intro into the story and keeps you interested in the subject by immersing you in back-story and information.

  4. From Krista: I find it hard to even begin to compare nonfiction with fiction; however, with this book it was easier. I found the story this book was telling very fascinating. There are a ton of characters in this book and it seemed almost jumpy at the beginning, but did not hinder the book too much. Every character was so different and interesting it was weird to think they were all real. This book really exceeded my expectations. Sometimes I wonder if calling a book an exciting non-fiction would be an oxymoron, but Lincoln’s Grave Robbers is just that.

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