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Quirks: Welcome to Normal, by Erin Soderberg

QuirksWelcomeToNormalSummary: With its cookie cutter houses, welcoming committees, and all-town competitions, Normal, Michigan, seems like a perfect fit for nine-year-old new resident Molly, the only non-magical person in her family.



3 thoughts on “Quirks: Welcome to Normal, by Erin Soderberg

  1. I like how the plot builds up for this one day, and then falls. The author used each character’s personality to intertwine the events. Although the characters may not be an original idea, the book does have a great plot. I enjoyed reading this book.

  2. I thought the book was mediocre. There were some amusing parts, but in general I just found the plot so so. There wasn’t much of a buildup. In addition, I thought having different perspective sometimes in the chapter did not work. The back of the book summary makes it sound like this is going to be Molly’s story. However, sometimes there were chapter narrated by Penelope or Finn. This was not confusing and did not work for this book.

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