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Through the Skylight, by Ian Baucom

Through the SkylightSummary:  Two tantalizing tales, magically intertwined, cross cultures and span centuries as three kids set out to save the lives of three others-who just happen to live in the Middle Ages!


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4 thoughts on “Through the Skylight, by Ian Baucom

  1. This was a very creative book, and I think it has a chance of winning. I liked the writing style a lot, and the plot was intriguing. I will save the rest for discussion, so I can elaborate more.

  2. This book was interesting; there were a lot of historical facts in it, which I liked. Characters: I think they could have been deeper and better explained. The setting was the best part in my opinion. The setting (Venice) wasn’t described a ton, but I could still get a feel of what it was like. That said, I’m not sure if it’s Newbery or not.

  3. I enjoyed the book, however, I agree that the characters weren’t very deep, and I just didn’t like them. I also thought the plot wasn’t all that original, but the setting was interesting and left you to wonder about it.

  4. I found this book pretty enjoyable, but I felt that the book could have used bit more description. For example, the characters could have used more depth, and the setting could have used more “visual” words and info. The main theme of the book overall, would be kids mixing in with a “magical” world, and that theme is used a lot in the book world today. But from the way this author did it was clever, especially the way they intertwined a book and lives together. I really liked how the author played out the plot. For now, I’m leaning more towards it not being Newbery.

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