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The Show Must Go On!, by Kate Klise

The Show Must Go OnThree-Ring Rascals #1
Summary: Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls!
Step right up and hear the amazing tale of Sir Sidney’s Circus.
Listen to how Sir Sidney, a kindly old circus owner, needed a rest.  Read and weep when Sir Sidney leaves the circus in the hands of a big mean baddie.  Shriek with terror as Barnabas Brambles cracks his whip at Elsa the elephant.  Cry in horror when Mr. Brambles tries to sell Leo the lion to a zoo.
Hide your eyes as the Famous Flying Banana Brothers perform death-defying feats to get the circus train to the show on time!  Can they do it? Will they make it? They better, because THE SHOW MUST GO ON!



3 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On!, by Kate Klise

    1. I’m sure we will. Our first meeting is not until April 19 when we will begin reading everything. Thanks for finding us here!

  1. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the word bank in the book along with the illustrations. I enjoyed the math problem solving part of the story as well. The setting of the story was in a Circus. As the owners was going on a trip, they had recruited a substitute to run the business during their absence. The whole story then revolves around how the substitute owners couldn’t handle the show animals well and had to keep cancelling the shows. The story was very hilarious. At the end, the audience who came to enjoy the animals do their tricks, ended up only enjoying only some refreshments.

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