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White Fur Flying, by Patricia MacLachlan

White Fur FlyingSummary:  A young boy tries to find his voice with the help of some four-legged friends.

Margaret K. McElderry Books

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2 thoughts on “White Fur Flying, by Patricia MacLachlan

  1. I think the book had a very original plot line. The realistic plot of the story made it easy to understand what Zoe and Alice were doing. I liked reading this lighthearted book, but the characters could have bee a little more varied. It is a good book to read for fun.

  2. This was a very sweet story, definitely just a fun read though. Since it was for younger readers (second and third grade) the writing style was kind of simple, but it fit the plot. The whole story is centered mainly on like a week or two so the plot and characters don’t get much time to develop, but considering that this is a short story for younger audiences the characters do develop a little and the story has a pretty distinct climax. I like how the author gave this book a care free feeling to fit the life of this family, but still incorporated enough sad and scary scenes and thoughts to make this book worth reading. This was a cute story, not Newbery but if you are in second or third grade and looking for an interesting book you should definitely read this.

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