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When the Butterflies Came, by Kimberley Griffiths Little

When the Butterflies CameSummary:  Tara Doucet is grieving for her grandmother, and her family is falling apart around her, but it seems like her grandmother has preplanned an elaborate itinerary for her to follow which will lead her and her sister Riley from Louisiana to a South Pacific island and into danger–and everywhere she turns butterflies follow.



2 thoughts on “When the Butterflies Came, by Kimberley Griffiths Little

  1. I thought the writing style of this book was clever, and I liked the way the author wrote the story overall. I think that the mystery is interesting and the book kept me wondering, “What on earth is going on?” So, when you finally figure it out, the ending does not disappoint. Sometimes in a story you can figure out who betrayed whom, but here I had no idea until it was revealed! I thought the ending made this book. It might be my favorite book so far. It’s definitely a contender.

  2. This was a unique book with a good writing style, but I think the plot was way too complicated. There was just so many things happening, so many loose ends, and so many puzzles that I couldn’t really focus on the main point, (if there was one.) There was a pretty good main character even if she seemdd a little wimpy. Also, I don’t like surprise bad guys at the end, I think it makes the author seem desperate for a good twisted ending intead of clever, but thats just my opinion. Its not my winner, but someone who likes mysteries more might like it. I liked One Came Home a lot better, it is also a mystery but it is written to make perfect sense with a great twisted ending.

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