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33 Minutes, by Todd Hasak-Lowy

33 MinutesSummary: An epic lunch period leads to a fateful showdown as small, skinny seventh-grader Sam’s former best friend–now a popular athlete–promises to beat Sam up at recess in exactly thirty-three minutes.



3 thoughts on “33 Minutes, by Todd Hasak-Lowy

  1. Wow, nice job Todd. Expanding 33 minutes into a 210 page book… The best qualities of this book are the characters and the writing. Todd very accurately describes character’s expressions and appearances. For the characters, the main character learns how to deal with former friend. The only fault in this book I can find is that the reader can get pretty confused as the character switches from flashbacks to real-time and to thoughts. Despite my pleasure in reading this book, it’s not what I would choose for the Newbery award.

  2. I loved how you could really feel Sam’s emotions: his hopes and his fears. I liked the characters the best, I thought they were complex and interesting. A funny book that has a good moral. Maybe not Newbery, but a good read.

  3. It was definitely a unique idea to write a whole book on 33 minutes, but this year there is another book that kind of does that too. The Center of Everything, which just got off our list. The reason I did not like that one was because it was disorganized and I found the same problem with this book. Except in The Center of Everything the plot and theme organization were the problems, but in this book the problem is more with determining the flashbacks from what is really happening at the moment like Benjamin said. Also, I did not connect with the characters and found them average, maybe a little flat. It is not the Newbery but if you are looking for a short read that is funny and interesting then I would recommend this for you.

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