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2013 Mock Newbery Award!

final discussionAfter 10 months of reading, meeting every 2 weeks sharing, 3 hours in tonight’s meeting, and several ballots (with groans after each), 22 sixth through ninth graders arrived at their conclusion to a very super year:

2013 Eva Perry Mock Newbery Award Winner:

Wonder, by Palacio

2013 Eva Perry Mock Newbery Honors:

Lions of Little Rock, by Levine

Son, by Lowry

Splendors and Glooms, by Schlitz

I am so proud of all of them!  What is your winner this year?  If you have a different group, what did they choose?  We are now awaiting the ALA Newbery committee’s announcement on January 28, 2013.


11 thoughts on “2013 Mock Newbery Award!

  1. Our Mock Newbery group met today and we chose The One and Only Ivan as our winner, with The False Prince and Three Times Lucky as Honors.

    I wished The Lions of Little Rock made our Honor list, but I think it will in the real awards!

    Did your discussion talk about Son in terms of how it fit into the series? Two of our members had never read The Giver or its sequels and said that Son didn’t make any sense, so we had to discard that one as the criteria states the book must stand as an individual without regard to the series (we were trying to be strict with criteria).

    1. Yes, those who never read the other books had more difficulty understanding where Son was going, but in the end felt that distinguished writing was definitely obvious, as well as character delineation, strong in setting(s), etc. I enjoyed our criteria discussions!

  2. Does anyone beside me love Splendors and Glooms? I have been wondering why people haven’t liked it. I understand that for some it might be depressing but are there any other reasons? I think we chose a great winner (i’m from the Eva Perry Club) and honors.

  3. In case any one it wondering the other 2 books on our table that did not win or get an honor are Bomb and The False Prince. All of these book that we had to read are great and I was lucky enough this year to read all of them. Thank you Ms. Martha and Ms. Lindsey for another great year at Mock-Newbery club.

  4. For those who are wondering here are the official Newbery honors and winner:
    Honor Books: Splendors & Glooms, Bomb, and Three Times Lucky
    Winner: One and Only Ivan
    The Winner being the One and Only Ivan is not a great surprise to me. It was a well done book. I think the Newbery committee chose well this year.

  5. Well, the i understand how these honor books got picked, but when i read One and Only Ivan i did not see the distinguished part that all these other book clubs seem to be seeing. Rebekah, what do mean by “It was a well done book” becaus it seriosly didn’t even occur to me that this one had a chance. Well yeah, so its a sweet story but so are about a gazilion other books i read. What about this book is better then any one of those awesome honor books? What about this book was better than Wonder, which, by the way, seems to have been forgetten by the real Newbery Comittee?

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