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Will Sparrow’s Road, by Karen Cushman

Summary:  Twelve-year-old Will Sparrow, a liar, thief, and rogue, decides to leave his hard life behind and make his own way in Elizabethan England. On the road, he encounters a string of con artists even more talented than he is. Will gets a bigger dose of his own medicine when he joins a troupe of  oddities,  including a dwarf and a cat-faced girl.


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One thought on “Will Sparrow’s Road, by Karen Cushman

  1. I can’t really tell if this book is worthy of the newbery. It was definitely interesting, it had character developement,a good plot, no cliff hangers, and a writing style that was interesting to read and made me picture the scenes, but now that it is nearing the end of the year I have read a lot of books that i think are more exceptional. I would reccomend this to fourth through sixth graders looking for interesting historical fiction.

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