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First Top 3 Nominations

We had a great meeting Friday!  Pizza, new books, criteria discussion, freeze tag in the library, nominations, and taking home another stack of books to read – how could it NOT be a great meeting?!

This is a list of our nominations at this time (with partial reasons).  Another Top 4 titles from each person will be added to these the end of November.

Bomb, by Steve Shenkin; Roaring Brook Press
– “It read more like a story than it did a non-fiction book.” – Bonnie
Broken Lands, by Kate Milford; Clarion Books
– “I really like the relationship between Sam and Jin.” – Cassidy
Crow, by Barbara Wright; Random House
– “This book was very deep and it was sad, making the characters strong.” – Ben
A Diamond in the Desert, by Kathryn Fitzmaurice; Viking
– “The setting was good and it takes place in our nation’s history.” – Ajay
Dreamsleeves, by Coleen Paratore; Scholastic
– “The concept and the plot are distinguished, and I like how the story seemed very realistic.” – Varunya
Each Kindness, by Jacqueline Woodson; Nancy Paulsen Books
– “It made you feel the regret that the character was feeling.” – Ajay
The Exceptionals, by Erin Cashman; Holiday House
– “The main character had a believable life even though it was extraordinary.” – Cassidy
– “I think the plot was the best thing about this book.” – Yazeed
The False Prince, by Jennifer Nielsen; Scholastic
– “I thought a plot like this was only in the movies!” – Surya
If Only, by Carole Geithner; Scholastic
– “The plot is relateable, heartfelt and touching.” – Ponni
In a Glass Grimmly, by Adam Gidwitz; Dutton
– “This style of writing and humor distinguishes this book.” – Andrew
The Last Princess, by Galaxy Craze; Little, Brown & Company
– “The writing style draws a person in and never lets go until the story is at an end.” – Rebekah
Laugh With the Moon, by Shana Burg; Delacourte
– “The story is a page turner as well as touching.” – Ponni
The Lions of Little Rock, by Kristin Levine; Putnam
– “I was drawn into this book and I was lost in it quickly.” – Mukil
May B., by Caroline Starr Rose; Schwartz & Wade
– “I felt that the main character had excellent character development.” – Jessica
Merits of Mischief The Bad Apple, by T. R. burns; Aladdin
– “I really liked the originality of this book.” – Shreya
The Mighty Miss Malone, by Christopher Paul Curtis; Random House
– “These characters were well described and changed a lot.” – Gokul
One for the Murphys, by Lynda Hunt; Penguin
– “It captures the emotion very, very, very well.” – Varunya
Son, by Lois Lowry; Houghton Mifflin
– “When Clair has finally finished her journey you think that the book’s just going to be done, but when you find that’s not true you feel surprised and helpless, which makes you want to keep reading.” – Krista
Splendors and Glooms, by Laura Amy Schlitz; Candlewick
– “The characters were excellent, the presentation of information was well done, the setting was good, and the writing style was just right for this book.” – Claire
Three Times Lucky, by Sheila Turnage; Dial Books
– “The characters were all interesting and I liked how there was not just one story going on.” – Ethan
Ungifted, by Gordon Korman; Balzer+Bray
– “This author has set up a situation that 13 year old boys can relate to, laugh at, and still have a deeper meaning or concept.” – Benjamin
The Unfortunate Son, by Constance Leeds; Viking
– “The plot is the best part.  I still love this book.” – Surya
Wonder, by R. J. Palacio; Knopf
– “The author still manages to make the reader feel a compelling desire to not stop reading.” – Benjamin

I am SO proud of these kids and their dedication.  We will continue to read, as well as compare criteria between books.  What are we still missing?


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