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Zip, by Ellie Rollins

Summary:  When Lyssa’s mother died, so did the magic–that special something that always made the sunflowers grow taller and the strawberry jelly taste sweeter. Now that her mother is gone, Lyssa struggles to get used to a life of the Ordinary with her kind but clueless stepfather in Kirkland, Washington. But secretly, she longs for change. Then one day change does come, when the most peculiar occurrence brings Lyssa alarming news about her childhood home. With no time to lose, she sets off on a two-wheeled cross-country journey to get back to Texas. With new friends by her side and the winds of change at her back, Lyssa discovers adventure at every turn–and uncovers her mother’s magic, little by little, all along the way.


Find it at WCPL


One thought on “Zip, by Ellie Rollins

  1. This was a nice story with a fun plot. I really liked how at the end all the characters come together to create sort of a grand finale. Of all the adventure stories i’ve read so far this year i think this is the best. It had a good theme and interesting presentation of imformation. I don’t know if this is the newbery, it might be in my top ten?

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