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Unstoppable, by Tim Green

Summary:  If anyone understands the phrase ‘tough luck,’ it’s Harrison. As a foster kid in a cruel home, he knows his dream of one day playing for the NFL is a long shot. Then Harrison’s luck seems to change. He is brought into a new home with kind, loving parents–his new dad is even a football coach. Harrison’s big build and his incredible determination quickly make him a star running back on the junior high school team. In no time, he’s practically unstoppable. But Harrison’s good luck can’t last forever.


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One thought on “Unstoppable, by Tim Green

  1. Whew, this is one of those books like Wonder. A quick read, but still managing to get the meaning to the reader. Plot? It was great, starting his life at the lowest, then Harrison goes to understand why life is enjoyable, and then going down yet again when he gets cancer. Character development? Sure, he learns to hold his temper and ignore the jibes and insults thrown in his way. So I vote this yes for Newbery.

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