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Dead Man’s Hand, by Eddie Jones

Summary:  When fourteen-year-old Nick Caden vacations at Deadwood Canyon Ghost Town, he finds himself in the middle of a mystery involving ghosts of infamous dead outlaws, disappearing dead bodies, and murders.



2 thoughts on “Dead Man’s Hand, by Eddie Jones

  1. Thanks for mentioning the book, Eva. I love the Mock Newbery idea. Pass the word, we’re looking for tween / teen writers with scary tales at This is Nick’s place of employment but we’re actively seeking new writers.

  2. I do not typically read or enjoy mystery books, so it is hard for me to judge this book. I did not find the plot interesting but I’m sure someone who likes mysteries would find this book more exiting than i did. One thing that really bugged me in this book was the main chatracter Nick. At the beggining of the book he seems like the average teenager but as the story progressed the guy seems almost inhuman. Nick seems to be a detective genius and is always saying things like he knew that would happen and this was all part of his trap almost like he could read the future. He hardly makes any mistakes and acts more like one of those “sherrifs who know all” in old western movies than a fifteen year old having his first real life mystery. The book would have been better if Nick had made more mistakes, maybe asked for help along the way, and somehow seemed more like a fifteen year old.
    I would reccommend this book to fifth and sixth graders who enjoy mystery books.

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