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Button Down, by Anne Ylvisaker

Summary:  As football fever hits Goodhue, Iowa, Ned Button steps into the lineup in a funny new adventure about a small-town family living in 1929. Ever since local boy Lester Ward got drafted by the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, Tugs Button’s scrawny cousin Ned can think of nothing but football. He’s got his eccentric grandpa Ike, who has no shortage of down-home wisdom to pass along-like that being a football star is less about being big and more about playing as a team and honing your strategy, and that having friends and family in your corner is a bigger prize than a lucky football will ever be.


Find it at WCPL


One thought on “Button Down, by Anne Ylvisaker

  1. An average book about an unaverage thing. Interesting, but I don’t think it’s even a fun read. I did try to imagine myself as a football fanatic though. No for Newber

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