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Wondrous Journals of Dr. Wendell Wellington Wiggins, by Lesley M. M. Blume

Summary:  Blume presents the journal of a paleozoologist who departed England in 1850 on a journey around the world seeking to learn the ways and fates of the most ancient creatures, accompanied by a strange pet, Gibear, and with the chiding voice of his mother often in his ear.


Find it at WCPL


2 thoughts on “Wondrous Journals of Dr. Wendell Wellington Wiggins, by Lesley M. M. Blume

  1. I vote no for Newbery. The thing is, this book has the thing I don’t like from non-fiction books, takes the thing I don’t like from fiction books, and then puts it all together!. Non-fiction books are supposed to teach you something. This is a fiction book in a non-fiction book format. It’s trying to teach you something that’s fake! Summing it all up, I vote no.

  2. For me it is the opposite of Benjamin because this book takes the two things i like from both kinds of books and puts them together. Sometimes I have a hard time finishing a book because it seemes to drag on but this book had more of a scientific writing style but still was exiting which i loved , plus i like how it talked about make believe animals because to me that is an interesting topic even if it doesn’t help out in real life to know what a Rainbow Spitting Cobra or an Umbrella Fish is. I think this book was written really well and it was very unique i was captured for the whole story even though it was a journal with lots of “Facts.” As long as the reader knows that a lot of the imformation in his book is made up ( which i’m pretty sure you can figure that out,) then this is a great book. The pictures definitely did not take away from the book and it made they made it more interesting. I think that this can win the newbery and that a lot of people would enjoy it.

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