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Darkbeast, by Morgan Keyes

Summary:  A girl’s love for her raven may put her life in jeopardy in this gripping tale. In Keara’s world, every child has a darkbeast–a creature that takes dark emotions like anger, pride, and rebellion. Keara’s darkbeast is Caw, a raven, and Keara can be free of her worst feelings by transferring them to Caw. He is her constant companion, and they are magically bound to each other until Keara’s twelfth birthday. For on that day Keara must kill her darkbeast–that is the law. Refusing to kill a darkbeast is an offense to the gods, and such heresy is harshly punished by the feared Inquisitors. But Keara cannot imagine life without Caw. And she finds herself drawn to the Travelers, actors who tour the country performing revels. Keara is fascinated by their hints of a grand life beyond her tiny village. As her birthday approaches, Keara readies herself to leave childhood–and Caw–behind forever.

Margaret K. McElderry Books

Find it at WCPL


One thought on “Darkbeast, by Morgan Keyes

  1. This is a good book with an interesting plot, but i do not like the ending. The whole story is about the main character Keara trying to belong somewhere and trying to be part of a group called the Travelers
    and by the end she has done those two things, so there is not too much of a cliff hanger, but the story seems to end right when her and her friends are in the most danger. That is the only reason i don’t think this can get the newbery because everything else was good especially the plot.

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