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Prairie Evers, by Ellen Airgood

Summary:  Prairie Evers has been homeschooled by her granny and has learned the most from traipsing through nature. But now she has to attend public school, and feels just like her chickens–cooped up and subject to the pecking order. School is a jolt for Prairie until she meets Ivy, her first true friend. When Prairie finds out that Ivy’s home may not be the best place for Ivy, Prairie must corral all her optimism and determination to hatch a plan to help.


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3 thoughts on “Prairie Evers, by Ellen Airgood

  1. This is the usual book about going from one school to the next and the bumpy transition. I have to say the main part of the plot doesn’t start ’till the halfway point. The book did a good job of describing the emotions Prairie was having, and the character development was obvious. But there are a lot more books out there that I like more so I am going to give it a no for Newbery.

  2. This book was a fun read, but like ethan said, it wasn’t anything special. The plot was not too boring, but i have read more interesting and exiting plots this year. The setting was described well and i connected with the main character, but this is not my pick for the newbery.

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