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The Vanishing, by Christopher Holt

The Last Dogs series

Summary:  When all humans in his world disappear, Max, a yellow Labrador Retriever, searches for Madame Curie who, he knows, will help find his people but as he and friends Rocky and Gizmo search, they face angry wolves, a gang of subway rats, and the Corporation, a supposed “perfect” society for dogs.

Little, Brown


One thought on “The Vanishing, by Christopher Holt

  1. This is interesting, the author takes the dogs and has them form a society not unlike the Romans. Christopher Holt uses the dogs to show what would happen if a society like this was present in the modern world. This might not be what he is planning to do, but it sure strikes me as what the book is trying to pull through. So I like the writing style. Plot? Yea, the whole thing is based on plot. Character development? Yes, Rocky, a terrier, learns do deal with things, and not complain all the time. Despite all of this it ends in a cliffhanger. They are trying to find their, “Pack leaders” and in the end of the book they are left floating down a river where the people are supposed to be. So I give it a no.

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