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Joshua Dread, by Lee Bacon

Summary:  Those supervillains trying to flood the world, the Dread Duo, just happen to be Joshua’s parents. As if trying to hide his identity wasn’t hard enough, Joshua has started leaving a trail of exploding pencils and scorched handprints in his wake, and only Sophie, the new girl in town with a mysterious past, seems unsurprised. When a violent attack at the Vile Fair makes it clear someone is abducting supervillains, and that his parents may very well be next, Joshua must enlist both Sophie and Milton’s help to save them.

Random House


One thought on “Joshua Dread, by Lee Bacon

  1. I have to say that this is for younger grades, but when I put myself in the mindset of a 5th grader, I think it is a FUN read yet not Newbery worthy.

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