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Small Medium at Large, by Joanne Levy

Summary:  After she’s hit by lightning at a wedding, twelve-year-old Lilah develops a new talent: she can hear dead people. Among them, there’s her Bubby Dora; a prissy fashion designer; and an approval-seeking clown who livens up a séance. With Bubby Dora leading the way, these and other sweetly imperfect ghosts haunt Lilah through seventh grade, and help her face her one big fear: talking to-and possibly going to the seventh-grade dance with-her crush, Andrew Finkel.


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2 thoughts on “Small Medium at Large, by Joanne Levy

  1. This was a weird book with hardly any plot and no character developement unless you count not being able to talk to ghosts getting struck by lighting and then being able to talk to ghosts. threre is just so many books similar to it, with ghosts and stuff. I have yet to read a good ghost book.

  2. I completely agree, and before I read Krista’s comment I was going to put that this might be better for girls. There’s one thing I can say, it was a fast read, I mean even for me it was fast. Surprisingly I read it during the last half of the Republican convention (10:10 P.M.-11:00 P.M.). So if you have a book report due soon, you haven’t read a book yet, and you’re a girl then this might work out for you. But is it Newbery quality? I doubt it.

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