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The Last Princess, by Galaxy Craze

Summary: Tired of the royal family’s relative comfort while they suffer in the wake of worldwide catastrophes in 2090, rebels kill the British king and abduct two of his children, but Princess Eliza escapes, disguises herself, and joins the rebels to seek revenge and the safe return of her siblings.

Little, Brown


4 thoughts on “The Last Princess, by Galaxy Craze

  1. The best part about this book was the way the author described the setting and explained the plot so it made sense. I did not like the plot but there was character development. It might have been better if there wasn’t so much violence, but when compared to the Hunger Games, this book was not too violent. I do not think this could win the newbery.

  2. Krista, What about the plot did you dislike? I think this book (and most post apocalyptic books) are meant to be slightly disturbing and thought provoking. Also what other post apocalyptic book have you read this year to compare with it. This is the best book in its genre I’ve read this year. I personally loved the plot (hate the idea of a world like this) but it shows a constant themes throughout the book of good versus evil, survival in the worst circumstances, love for one’s family, and strength through struggle. I think this book could win the newbery.

    1. Once i re-read this book i realized it was not so much the plot that i disliked but it just didn’t seem to have the newbery feel. OK, so that is not really the best reason, and i’m sure other people might love this book, but personaly i think I’ve read better.
      You mentioned that it is the best book in the genre that you have read this year and i agree, but like i mentioned before, i just don’t think that this is the TOP book of the year.

  3. Krista, the Newbery “feel” is something everyone experiences. I felt that with this book but I think not everyone would feel that way and it is shown by tonight’s results. I love this book, but like Sophia’s War there is a point where you realize that no one or not enough people will agree with your belief. And… you just have to let it go and cheer on for THE BEST! See you in 2 weeks!

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