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Dogs of Winter, by Bobbie Pyron

Summary:  Brought to Moscow in 1990s Russia by his mother’s abusive boyfriend, five-year-old Mishka is forced by a gang of homeless children to lie and steal until he finds comfort and love with a pack of dogs.

Arthur Levine


One thought on “Dogs of Winter, by Bobbie Pyron

  1. The best part of this book was the setting and the characters. It was interesting in the beggining, but the middle seemed to drag on a long time. It is one of those books where the main character is trying to survive on the streets, so it seemd all he ever did was try different things to get food and to be safe which at first is interesting but those kind of plots don’t interest me for long. There are so many books similar to this one. The dogs helped the book be more exiting and unique, but it still is not in my top seven.

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