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Claws, by Mike and Rachel Grinti

Summary:  Emma’s sister has run off with the faeries. Her parents have spent all their money looking for her and now the family is living on the edge of an enchanted slum-forest nearby. But then along comes a smooth-talking cat called Jack – with a plan for how Emma can reunite her family.

Chicken House


2 thoughts on “Claws, by Mike and Rachel Grinti

  1. A very interesting and fun book, but I don’t think it is Newbery quality. The plot was the best part of the book, it was better than most plots but the writing style wasn’t very intriguing, along with character development so I don’t think this should win the Newbery.

  2. I liked this book. I especially liked the uniquness of the characters and i thought that it had an interesting storyline. I thought this was an awesome book, but then again i like most books especially animal books and magic books and they were both in here so i would say it was great. I don’t know if this should get the newbery, but for people who like these kind of books definitely read this becuase it is an awesome read.

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