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Rebel McKenzie, by Candice Ransom

Summary:  Rebel McKenzie wants to spend her summer attending the Ice Age Kids’ Dig and Safari, a camp where kids discover prehistoric bones, right alongside real paleontologists. But digs cost money.  When she finds out her annoying neighbor Bambi Lovering won five hundred dollars by playing a ukulele behind her head in a beauty contest, Rebel decides to win the Frog Level Volunteer Fire Department’s beauty pageant. Rebel may not be a typical pageant contestant, but how hard can it be?

Disney Hyperion

Find it at WCPL


2 thoughts on “Rebel McKenzie, by Candice Ransom

  1. If you are wanting to read a good book that’s not too long and interesting then i recommend this book, but if you want to read an awesome newbery book then it is not this one. This book is really funny and it makes you want to keep reading. The character and plot were both interesting but i did not connect with either of them. The character was predicatable and the plot was really unrealistic, for example I did not like the part at the beauty pageant when Rebel changes her talent to burping at the last minute to ensure that her friend will win and Rebel still wins. I thought her friend should have won. Fourth and fifth graders might like it better, but it is not the newbery.

  2. Interesting book! I love the characters, and it is really fun to read. The setting was badly explained, and the plot unpredictable and kinda unrealistic.

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