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Summer at Forsaken Lake, by Michael Beil

Summary:  Twelve-year-old Nicholas and his ten-year-old twin sisters, Hetty and Haley, spend the summer with their Great-Uncle Nick at Forsaken Lake, where he and their new friend Charlie investigate the truth about an accident involving their families many years before.


Find it at WCPL


2 Responses

  1. This book is totally amazing, if you ask me. The way the author writes it makes it seem so real and alive. Also, I totally heart the way the author intertwines many varying types of stories into this one book.

  2. Yea, I like this book’s plot the best, it made all the various side stories fit together like a puzzle, and thankfully, unlike other books I have read, it isn’t very predictable. The characters were well described, I could understand why they feel the way they do. Also it was a mystery so it kept me reading. So I do think this has a chance of winning.

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