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Brixen Witch, by Stacy DeKeyser

Summary:  When Rudi accidentally takes a witch’s coin, he unleashes her curse. When he tries to return the coin he loses it on the witch’s magic mountain. A plague of rats has descended on his village. Then a stranger arrives and promises to rid the village of rats–for the price of the missing coin. Desperate to get rid of the rats, the villagers agree–but when they cannot pay, the stranger exacts a price too terrible for anyone to bear. Now Rudi is going to need all his courage–and some help from his savvy grandmother and a bold young girl–to set things right in this fast and funny adventure.

Margaret K. McElderry Books

Find it at WCPL


2 thoughts on “Brixen Witch, by Stacy DeKeyser

  1. I liked the character of the ingenious grandmother, but I really didn’t see much character change. I mean the boy learned a little more about some stuff, but nothing other than that. So I don’t think it is Newbery worthy (I have been saying no to a lot of books, one reason cause they aren’t Newbery and the other reason is that I have been narrowing my selection).

  2. This was not the best book i’ve read, but it’s not the worst either. I knew what was going to happen before it happened and the ending was predictable also. This is not the newbery winner but if someone is looking for a “good book” thats not too long, i would reccomend this one.

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