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3 Below, by Patrick Carman

Floors Series #2
Summary:  Leo has explored the zany, wonderful Whippet Hotel from basement to top floor, with trains, flying goats, and mazes (among other things) in between. But even Leo doesn’t know every secret of the Whippet – and when he discovers that there’s more beneath the hotel than he’d thought, it doesn’t take long for more adventures to unfold!



2 thoughts on “3 Below, by Patrick Carman

  1. I could tell this was a series book, I kind of understood what was going on, but it wasn’t distinguished, like a Newbery winner should be. The plot was probably the best of it, but couldn’t compete with some of the other books I have read. Character development? A little, he started to relate with his brother. So I don’t think this should be a Newbery winner.

  2. This book was a great read for 10-12 year olds who like adventure books. It stood on its own, apart from the series. The plot was the best part of the book. The characters weren’ t that distinguished, or important to the book. I think there are better books for the Newbery, but this book did make me want to read the first Floors.

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