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The Unfortunate Son, by Constance Leeds

Summary:  Kidnapping, family secrets, and adventure on the high seas–perfect for middle grade fans of historical fiction! When Luc is chosen to become an apprentice to a local fisherman, his life takes a turn for the better. Luc is a natural at sea, and before long he and a teenaged girl who lives with the fisherman form a strong bond. That bond is tested when Luc is taken captive by a band of merciless pirates, and sold into slavery. Moving from 1485 to 1500, from France to Africa, from humble beginnings to a noble future, this historical fiction adventure will leave readers pondering the true meaning of good fortune.


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4 thoughts on “The Unfortunate Son, by Constance Leeds

  1. I give it a No, since I have read better. Though I do think this a great read, as an author, even a bit inspiring. Overall I think the character development, setting, plot, and writing style are all average, though I do like the writing style most of all.

  2. I agree with Benjamin that i have read better and that the writing style was its best criteria. I also liked how the author descibed the setting. It seemed like you were really there. Other than that there was nothing exeptional about it. I would reccomend it to fifth through sixth grade.

  3. I have read better, but I really liked the character development of luc and Beatrice. The author had a great writing style, maling you feel like ou were really there.

  4. I kinda agree with everyone. It was a nice and average book but these was nothing really spectacular or special that made this book stand out. I like the story but I have ready better. Wonderful ideas but not Newbery.

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