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Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympic Games, by John Feinstein

Summary:  Susan Carol is an Olympian, competing as a swimmer at her first Olympic games. Stevie is both proud and envious of her athletic prowess. And he’s worried by the agents and sponsors and media all wanting to get up close and personal with Susan Carol. But the more disturbing question becomes–how far might they go to ensure that America’s newest Olympic darling wins gold?


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2 thoughts on “Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympic Games, by John Feinstein

  1. I was really looking forward to reading this book. the plot sounded so inmteresting and differant from others, also because the olympics were starting the same week i got this book, but i was dissapointed. It was really boring and wasn’t very clear it almost didn’t seem fiction it was so dull. The plot was slow moving and there was no character developement. I don’t think this is the newbery.

    1. Again, I agree with Krista. It was pretty boring, and it had too many characters to memorize. I kept having to go back and correct myself whenever I read a certain name, or it talked about a certain place. However, I do think that the characters were well developed. At least, the important ones…

      *** 3 stars

      “Expect the UnXpected”

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