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Tracing Stars, by Erin Moulton

Summary:  Indie Lee Chickory knows she’s not as cool as her older sister Bebe. Bebe has more friends, for one. And no one tells Bebe she’s a fish freak, for two. So when Indie accidentally brings her pet lobster to school, makes a scene, loses him in the ocean and embarrasses Bebe worse than usual, she makes a wish on a star to become a better Chickory. She tries to do this by joining the stage crew of the community’s theater production, The Sound of Music . (Bebe has a starring role.) But Bebe is worried that Indie will embarrass her again, so she gives her a makeover and tells her who she should be friends with.  When things come to a head, Indie realizes that being true to yourself is more important than being cool. But what’s even more surprising is that Bebe realizes it, too.


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2 thoughts on “Tracing Stars, by Erin Moulton

  1. I really liked this book. The setting was intersting and i liked the way the author described each character so well. It felt like you knew them. This has a chance at the newbery.

  2. Tracing Stars was a really good book! I think it should be one of the top books chosen for Newbery! Erin E. Moulton did a great job on this book! Awesome characters, setting, problems, and just a book I recommend for everyone to read! I love how Indie catches her golden lobster with one of my favorite things!

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