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The Bad Apple, by T. R. Burns

Merits of Mischief

Summary: After accidentally killing a substitute teacher with an apple, twelve-year-old Seamus Hinkle is sent to Kilter Academy where, in order to excel as he always has, he must behave badly and pull pranks on his teachers, but along with new friends Lemon and Elinor he discovers that there is more to the Academy than meets the eye.



5 thoughts on “The Bad Apple, by T. R. Burns

  1. This book was funny and well-written; however I don’t think its really Newbery-level. It didn’t really have much of a plot except at the end a plot came in. This book was a fun read but not a winner.

  2. I liked this book it was funny and well written. It was more of a funny book and did not have much of a plot. I don’t think it would be a newbery but I found it entertaining.

  3. No plot?! The first Harry Potter didn’t have a plot until the end. Plot at the end doesn’t mean it’s a bad book– it means it is well-written–it keeps the reader interested and reading. Personally I think this book is better than the first Harry Potter. It made me want to keep on reading. The main character became more sure of himself as the book went on, and the other characters began caring about other people. (so the characters developed as the book went on)

  4. This is a great book that is very interesting. I think there is a plot, but that is not what you are meant to focus on. I think what you are spost to focus on is the interesting character developement. It is interesting because the main character Seamus, when sent to a reform school that is not really a reform school and teaches the students there to be bad not good, he doesn’t want to be bad, and tries not to change, but whatever he does it always seems to go wrong making him one of the top most bad students. How hard he tries not to change or develope, he ends up being a completely changed person at the end. Even though this book is not on my top three best books this year, i think it is a great book that is definitely entertaining.

  5. The book does have plot, it just takes a while to surface. In the beginning/middle of the book, the author writes it more as a day-by-day story, but in the middle/end, the book develops a plot; beat the teachers at their own game. One of the reasons that it is in my top seven books is that the book kind of contradicts what we think as normal. Seamus kills someone, so you would think he is bad, even if it is an accident. Then he gets sent to a “reform” school, where they encourage you to be bad, but he wants to be good and that brings up what Krista said above, he doesn’t want to change, and yet he becomes the best Troublemaker at the school. After all this he is still sort of “good”. Anyways, what I am trying to say is Burns creates a situation for Seamus that leaves people to ponder over, which I think leads to an excellent hook.

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