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Eva of the Farm, by Dia Calhoun

Summary: Twelve-year-old Eva writes beautiful poems on the farm in Washington State that her family has owned for generations, but when money runs out and then her baby brother gets sick, the family faces foreclosure and the way of life she loves is threatened.



2 thoughts on “Eva of the Farm, by Dia Calhoun

  1. This book was written in poem style, which I don’t like unless it rhymes. The author adds poems into the book, and I have to say that the poems weren’t to shabby. This book’s plot was your everyday books’ plot so nothing original there. I did sort of connect with Eva, but to me the setting wasn’t portrayed well. Overall, I think with a bit more words to explain the setting it might be a Newbery, but since it didn’t, I have to say no.

  2. Novels in verse sometimes tend not to give enough imformation, however this one, i thought, was very thorough in explaining. I do not agree that the setting wansn’t explained well, because i though that was one of the best part of the book, aside from the poems in it. The poems were great. They were the best part. The writing style is so beautiful in this book, the plot interesting enough, and there was a lot of character developement, that i will say this book has a chance at the newbery.

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